Updated: 2/11/21

I can’t believe it.. I am hoping all my looking is over..   I have started talking to a lady Ella .. I am writing here so I don’t bother her at work..  I have only had a short talk with her, but she stole my heart.  
I will be going for a week to the Daytona 500, I would like to see her before I go.. So I know the dream it real.. For me to find a a young lady to date like Ella and still have everything I have now too, is a dream come true.   
I don’t know if I am going to show this to her..   She may think I am nuts.  I am, maybe I am… 
I am trying to figure out how show her I am going to love her, and take care of her to the best of my ability. In doing so I feel she will then fall in love with me. And that will be the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.  Yes, I sound like a love sick school kid.. That I am, and this is not a side I would show anyone.  I am ready, for my search to be over.  It be almost a year that I have been looking, and the internet has what has made it happen.. A married man finding a pretty girlfriend, it something you find only in tv and movies.   But I very hopeful to the point I am walking on clouds.  

I want to show her I am in love with her so much it hurts.  I feel like sending money just to show I am interested. But her she said that is not just driving factor. The money will help her but she is not doing this not just for money .. I LOVE HER for that.  and  now I know I not show this to her. LOL.. 
This is my 2nd sugarbaby I had one last fall, for a few months. I didn’t feel like this with her.  Why not.. What is different? .   She was out only for her. She was a flake, yes, a lot different  
Now I am thinking about the long term.. How can I be sure she will be mine..  I want to keep her for good..