The SA System.

Please note that this is a simplified implementation for illustrative purposes only and does not include real data processing or actual LLM-GPT functionality. A complete implementation of an SA system would require extensive development and integration of various components, including data processing, machine learning models, and hardware interfaces, based on specific requirements and domain expertise.

# Import required libraries

# Define long-term and short-term memory storage
class LongTermMemory:
    def __init__(self):
        self.memory = {}

    def store(self, key, value):
        # Store information in long-term memory
        self.memory[key] = value

class ShortTermMemory:
    def __init__(self):
        self.memory = {}

    def store(self, key, value):
        # Store information in short-term memory
        self.memory[key] = value

# Define the dreamer system for memory consolidation
class DreamerSystem:
    def __init__(self, short_term_memory, long_term_memory):
        self.short_term_memory = short_term_memory
        self.long_term_memory = long_term_memory

    def process_short_term_memory(self):
        # Read short-term memory and store relevant information in long-term memory
        for key, value in self.short_term_memory.memory.items():
  , value)
            print("Stored in long-term memory: Key -", key, ", Value -", value)
        self.short_term_memory.memory.clear()  # Clear short-term memory after consolidation

# Main driver program
def main():
    # Initialize long-term and short-term memory storage
    long_term_memory = LongTermMemory()
    short_term_memory = ShortTermMemory()

    # Initialize the dreamer system
    dreamer = DreamerSystem(short_term_memory, long_term_memory)

    # Simulation loop
    exit_flag = False
    while not exit_flag:
        # Simulate reading inputs from visual, sound, and text sources
        vision_input = "Visual input data"
        sound_input = "Sound input data"
        text_input = "Text input data"

        # Run LLM-GPT processing on input data
        vision_data = "Processed visual input data using LLM-GPT"
        sound_data = "Processed sound input data using LLM-GPT"
        text_data = "Processed text input data using LLM-GPT"

        # Store processed data in short-term memory"vision", vision_data)"sound", sound_data)"text", text_data)

        # Process actions based on input data
        action_data = "Action output data"

        # Process short-term memory to consolidate information

        # Perform actions based on processed input data
        print("Action: ", action_data)

        # Simulate exit condition
        exit_flag = True  # Set to True to exit the loop

    # Store relevant information in long-term memory before exiting

# Call the main function to run the program